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If you aren't famous or someone of public interest, it won't be a surprise if it takes a while to gain a large amount of followers! Here is our process to gaining a large and custom following base:

1) Download the app Instafollow from the App Store or Google Play Store (you’ll need this for later)

2) Search for #hashtags that have to do with what you’re promoting (see “USING #HASHTAGS” section)

3) You’ll see a lot of posts from a lot of people. Follow those peoples FOLLOWERS on a daily basis! Switch from person to person that is in the same genre of people that you want to follow you and that would be interested in what you’re promoting!

4) Set aside time ever day to do this that for at least 1 week. Or at least every day when you have nothing else to do or are not busy. Nevertheless, do it every day for 1 week, Monday – Friday.

5) After doing that, open your Instafollow app that you downloaded in step 1. This app tells you who ISN’T following you back. Unfollow all of those people. That way you’re not following too many people. Use Saturday and Sunday to do this.

6) Repeat this process week after week.

You will quickly see your following base increase each week of following sessions you perform!


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