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Welcome to the Offline/Outside Marketing section of the training!

Here you will learn effective strategies to help you create more leads and close more sales while marketing MCA.

Tools you will need in the field:

First and foremost, you’re going to want to invest in your business by purchasing marketing materials (business cards, business flyers, car magnets, t-shirts, etc.) These tools are going to assist in your legitimacy and add to your credibility when approaching people face to face with your services! Always have your smartphone or tablet ready to sign the customer up!

If you have a website made by HUSTLE Inc., it was designed to also act as a digital flyer, and easily showcase the benefits of the membership, and to sign the customer up!

- Designate at least 3 days a week to the field! Online marketing is extremely important, but spending the time outside in the community marketing your product is an even more effective way to reach your consumer base! We are motor club agents, which means we DO promote our amazing services and benefits! Promoting yourself as someone that provides a service that people NEED is going to extremely help with your image around your area!

- It's a Numbers game. Sales is a numbers game, which means the more people that have the opportunity to see what you’re marketing, the more chances they have to buy or invest in what you’re selling! Make a personal goal of talking to at least 100-200 people each day you’re in the field!

- GOALS. Set daily and weekly production or sales goals. Make sure these goals are attainable and reachable! You don't want to set yourself up for failure!

- 5 foot rule: when you’re in the field, up your odds of selling your service by using the 5 foot rule, meaning anyone within 5 feet from where you are, hand them a flyer or a business card!

- Residential selling: when marketing MCA in residential areas, it's extremely important to never skip a house and work the area correctly! Always start at the end of the neighborhood and work your way down the block or street knocking on every door house to house! If the resident is not home, flag the door with a business card or flyer. Always have your ID badge while you’re in the field.

Here's a simple pitch you can use at the door:

“Good morning/evening, my name is (your name), and I'm with Motor Club of America. We are just in the area today letting everyone know how they can save money by getting covered by our unlimited roadside assistance and towing. Have you ever heard of MCA? No? Okay here's my flyer or business card let me tell you a little more about it!”

- CLOSE THE SALE: this is the most important part of even being in the field! If you have the opportunity sigh the customer up with your services TODAY. DO IT!! Stay positive and have a YES state of mind!

Here's a closing approach:

“Now that you see the value in our services, let's get you signed up TODAY so you can have the peace of mind knowing you’re covered with one of the best roadside assistance companies in the industry! It only takes 5 minutes and your membership card comes in the mail within 3 business days!”

Have your smartphone or tablet ready to sign your customer up!

- Business-to-Business: when marketing business to business, we want to practice some of the same techniques as in residential areas. Never skip any doors and talk to as many people as you possibly can! When approaching an attendant at the business, introduce yourself and let them know what you’re doing there.

Use this:

“Hi, my name is your name and I'm with a company called Motor Club of America, is the manager or owner around?”

You’re going to want to talk to someone in charge that handles decisions. Once you have their attention, use the same pitch as in residential neighborhoods. You want to come off as someone that is supposed to be there! Like you already have an appointment to see the manager or business owner! Always leave your card or flyer with someone and always ask if you can leave a few flyers or cards on the counter for customers!

GORILLA MARKETING: these types of unconventional marketing techniques are amazing and unlike any other type of marketing you'll find! Follow these tips for getting your information in the hands and homes of the masses.

- Placing business cards in wallets and purses inside department stores such as Wal-Mart, Sears, JCPenney, etc etc. The first thing someone will see when they open their new wallet or purse is YOUR information!

- Placing your business cards in the handle slots of 12 pack beer cases or soda cases.

- Placing your business cards inside the pop top of Foldgers coffee tubs. Pop the plastic top off and place your card in there, then put the plastic top back on. As soon as they wake up and make their coffee they have a good several minutes to read over your info!

- Placing your business cards at places like Redbox, gas pumps, tire airmachines, pay phones, etc.

- Placing your business cards or flyers on vehicles. The best place to place this is the crease between the window and the door right above the handle. Don't put it on the windshield. It needs to be in hands reach!

- You can also set up booths at flea markets! It's a great way to get your services and opportunities in front of large masses of people!

Use these marketing strategies every time you’re in the field! Be consistent and do these tips regularly!

Remember to #AlwaysHUSTLE!


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