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♢Being a good Sponsor/Mentor♢

We are all a team in HUSTLE Inc., regardless. And we're here to help. But one of your main responsibilities as someone's personal sponsor/mentor is being accountable in furthering your downlines education in growing their business! You are personally responsible for their growth in this company! One of the main reasons I started this organization was to make sure I or anyone else doesn’t treat their downline like "just another number".

Some teams are notorious for introducing someone to the business, then when they join, ultimately never speaking to them ever again! The end result to that would be for that new associate to "sink or swim" and half the people that enter this business have never been formally trained in any type of sales and marketing, so eventually they end up quitting! An awesome goal to have is to be 100% accountable for your downlines success in this business and do anything in your power to personally train and mentor them in the days, weeks, and years to come!

Being a great sponsor is not that hard of a task but it does take WORK! It’s a continuous effort day in and day out! If you had time to invest in someone BEFORE they joined you’re going to need to find the time to invest in them AFTER they join! This consists of staying in contact with that agent on a daily basis, staying informed on their goals and what they want out of this business, being a mentor and being able to assist in any and every situation they may have! HUSTLE Inc. is here as a team and will always be here to help and assist in anything business or personal related, but is in no way responsible for your downlines success in this company. We are here as a support group and we gladly provide beginning training as well as advanced training! But at the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for your downlines ongoing success!

When running a direct sales business, building a sales force requires dedication, and without being dedicated to your personal team, their future may be very limited and could ultimately cost you more in the long run! Examples may include gaining a bad reputation for being a sponsor that doesn't care about his/her people! Or you could be easily considered a "scam artist" when people are left out to the wolves. They begin to think you stole their money! Not to mention gaining chargebacks for when a member of your downline quits on you! Our goal is to retain our business partners and continue growing in this awesome company!

Guys the purpose for this is to teach you and to help you understand that it's going to take work and it's going to take everyone pulling their own weight in this organization to create the success we all deserve! Never depend on anyone else to do what you should be doing! Let's work together to make this team the most ELITE team in this industry! The stronger we are, and the more we step our game to the next level, the more successful you and your personal team is going to become! Practicing this is going to create wealth in your life guys! I promise! We are all here to create change in our personal and financial situation and it all starts from within yourself and how bad you want it! Let's get motivated team, and let's all work together in bringing this team to the TOP!

Remember to #AlwaysHUSTLE!


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